How Sta-Tuned Guitar Accessories Keep Your Guitar In Better Tune!

The secret...

Solving the challenge of how to keep a guitar in tune required a full understanding of "why" it occurs. If you read, "Why Guitars Won't Stay Tuned", the text below will fill you in on the "how".

First, a bit more on why guitars go out of tune.

The tailpiece, the bridge, the tuning gears and the nut of a guitar provide the stability that retains the strings in position. This string's positions in these components are maintained the majority of the time while playing, but not all the time. Should a string slip even a very small distance at any of these components, it will go out of tune.

When string slippage occurs at the bridge, the vibrato, the tuning gears or the nut it sometimes does not return to its original position. This is what changes its tone. This occurs when playing, and at the end of most songs, the musician has to re-tune, only to have it start over again. Song after song the strings will make small movements and not return to where it was in tune.

The String Lock and Fine Tuner System.

How does the Sta-Tuned, String-Lock and Sta-Tuner system solve the main problem for electric guitars? The String-Lock and Sta-Tuner work together to address the main problem. The String-Lock and Sta-Tuner eliminates any movement that can occur at the nut. The consequence of which is that the tuning stability will be greatly improved. The String-Lock and Sta-Tuner are the ultimate duo for increasing your ability to stay in tune while playing. See "Electric Guitar Systems" to choose the one that's right for your guitar.

No more need for Lubrication!!! 

The String Release.

How does the Sta-Tuned, String Release solve the same problem for acoustic guitars? If you can't beat 'em, join 'em - just make the slippage slipperier.

Eliminating all possible movements of the strings works great. However, this requires a Fine Tuner as the tuning gears are rendered useless after the strings are locked together, and acoustic guitars cannot accommodate a fine tuner. The answer? The string release works by allowing them to move more easily in the nut grooves. Therefore, you tune your guitar with your original tuning gears and a Fine Tuner is not necessary.

With the String Release, the strings are more free to slide through the nut. It's recommended that a small amount of lubrication be added to further enhance this return slippage.

This simple idea will greatly enhance your guitar's performance and maintain it in tuned while being played.

Note that the String Release will also work for electric guitars. But for enduring the rigors of dive-bombing or that great hard play, the String-Lock and Sta-Tuner system are the best answer available!