Bigsby-Style System For Bigsby Vibratos

Bigsby-Style System
Bigsby-Style System Bigsby-Style System Bigsby-Style System Bigsby-Style System
System includes a String-Lock and a Sta-Tuner for a Bigsby Vibrato.

Perfectly Designed To Work With the Bigsby® Installed Vibrato Tailpiece

Our Sta-Tuned Vibrato Fine-Tuner is specifically designed for the Bigsby® Installed Vibrato Tailpiece.

Pair this Vibrato Fine-Tuner and our Sta-Tuned String-Lock and your Bigsby Vibrato Tailpiece installed guitar will stay in tune while you are playing.

The Sta-Tuned String-Lock clamps your strings to each other between the nut and the tuning gears, this is what keeps your guitar from going out of tune.

The String-Lock is sold separately or as a kit with your choice of any of our Sta-Tuners.

Fine Tune While the Strings Are Locked

The Sta-Tuned Vibrato Fine-Tuner allows you to easily go to different tunings without removing the String-Lock. This will only be neccesary when you want to change your tuning or if, over time, temperature or humidity affects your tuning.

Break a String?

A really wonderful benefit of this fine tuner is that re-stringing is greatly simplified and very quick.

With the Vibrato Fine-Tuner installed on your Bigsby you will no longer need to pre-bend the strings around the Bigsby shaft and deal with the 6 anchor pins that fasten each string.

The Bigsby® mark and Bigsby tailpiece designs are registered trademarks of Fred W. Gretsch Enterprises, Ltd. and are not affiliated with Sta-Tuned Guitar Accessories or their products.

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Price: $229.99
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Gold (add $15)
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How Our Systems Work

Our Electric Guitar Systems include two very unique products which we've outlined below.


It's the String-Lock that keeps your guitar in tune while you're playing.


You must use a Sta-Tuner with our string locks. All Sta-Tuned products are installed with no alteration to your guitar.